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Back at it!

Blessings to all! We are super excited to announce that we are finally having the opportunity to go back into the mission field short term in a couple weeks. We have made it through the endless sleepless nights with twin life and now have more of a routine, and just praising God for the opportunity to go back to Mexico and serve again. We were supposed to go on a big mission trip to Huachinera, Sonora Mexico last year and sadly we had to cancel due to being pregnant with the twins . Dr said it was too high risk. So we have been longing to go back since. We are excited to get to go down to Puerto Penasco Mexico, better known to some here in the states is Rockypoint and serve next to our brothers and sisters in Christ there. We have done evangelical outreaches, helped paint buildings , ministered at the feeding center, ministered at the prison and the jail and on the streets. This time the first day we get back we get to help out with the an evangelical outreach on the street hopefully playing some music and serving the community. What’s also exciting and update is that my grandmother of 88 years old will be joining us for this missions trip. This woman has always loved the Lord and is excited to get to go be part of what he’s doing and part of our family. We are also looking at the opportunity for her to get to move with us sometime this year as her eyes have gotten worse on her in her years. But we are super blessed that she is still as sound as a whiz and spunky as ever . Will be trying to keep it updated here as to what we’re doing when we’re there with pictures and reports also please don’t forget we have our puppies that help us to pay for our missions trips are ministry and these are pups are well loved, taken care of and ready from home home. Don’t forget God can use you wherever you are and whatever season for his purpose for this time! If you need help or have a desire to serve God and don’t know where to get started please reach out to us and we would love to help you fI’ll that passion That God has intended for you to use.

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