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Build up the church!

We are called to build one another up 1 Thessalonians 5:11

But what does that look like? Well, some may think it is encouraging words, for others making a meal for an elderly couple, or what about feeding the homeless? Well, all of those are correct! Building one another up comes in all shapes and fashions. As long as the end goal is to make their floor your ceiling. Be the one that all who know you know you will be there to encourage, love and lift them up.

That is exactly what we are about to do! The Hernandez Family is excited to say we are headed back to Mexico next week. While we are there we plan to evangelize, love and reach people for the kingdom of God but also literally build up the church. We are hoping to be an encouragement for the Pastor and his family, the church body and you guessed it, build the walls to the church building!

With that we also need built up. We need to be prayed for and with, sent with love and support from the States and financial support. We are looking for those prayer warriors and any and all who can and will jump in and encourage us as we go and encourage others. We are a body, a family!

So, with that we are asking if any who read this would jump on board? Maybe you are a strong prayer warrior? We will covet those prayers. Maybe you can donate $10 or $200? Whatever you can do we are grateful! We just ask that it all be done with all your heart and like our family do all thing to the glory of God! 1 Corinthians 10:31

If you want to donate financially you can go to our page and click donate. Mexico Trip 2024.

Again, we greatly appreciate all that is done to help build us up so we may in turn go and

build up others!

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