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Head above water

Blessings to all of you! We know it has been a terrible long time since we've updated, but last year was by far one of our hardest. After the miscarriage of a third baby, building our home, a failed missions trip, and being pregnant again in the midst of it all we are just getting our heads above water.

The most beautiful thing is God's endurance and provision daily through all of our hard times. So many days last year we didn't know how we were gonna make it mentally or emotionally. There were many times we were just utterly exhausted and in despair. With tears in our eyes, frustration in our voices and exhaustion in the air. But praise be to God, He says come to me all ye who are weary and heavy laden. I will give you rest. And that he has in his time.

We were super blessed to welcome our ninth child into the world on Thanksgiving day 2023. 3.5 weeks early. And since then we have just enjoyed adding final touches to our new addition and finishing it before the 1 year dead line! To God, be all the glory!

Now, with the new year in front of us we are eagerly anticipating ministry in a different sense. We are continuing with our nations to nations college, which we started last year, Moving forward with worship services more frequently, and with the desire in our hearts to help inform people of abortion in our state. Please join us in the effort to expand God's kingdom with all biblical accuracy. We will try to update more as things develop and God continues to work on a daily basis. Thank you all for your prayers, your encouragement, and for following along in this crazy and blessed thing, we call life.

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