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Life change

We think of mid life crisis and think hardship, confusion, lack of direction and even depression. But what if instead we called it a mid life change? And we saw the blessings God wants to grant on our lives? The journeys he has ahead and the provision He has along the way?

We are in a life changing season. As we all are, right? At some point or the other we all experience a change in what we used to know as normal.

For us this is adjusting to twin baby life, full time ministry, full time homeschooling, working and even missions studies. We are excited to announce we are headed back to school for a degree in biblical studies and praying about a 3 month missions trip to southern Mexico for the winter to see who we are supposed to do our training under.

While we are here we continue to lead home church and worship weekly, go to other church bodies join forces to encourage them by giving testimony, playing music, doing outreaches and preaching.

All this we say if the Lord wills. This is our (mans) plans but God has turned our direction more than once.💜 we are hopeful this is what we are doing. But in all reality who can say they will be here tomorrow or next month, next year?

If you too are in a time of life change just know we can make plans or be ready for a journey BUT God is the one who does the working in our lives! Be ready to sit at His feet and say not my will but yours be done Lord. Then push forward and walk the walk He will open and close what He decides.

In all this keep your eye on the prize, minister to others as God directs you and turn that crisis into change and believe God for it. 💕

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