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Long time but same purpose

Hello everyone! What a past 8 months it has been. We have not posted on here any and instead had taken our focus to being more personal in our ministry instead of online everything. BUT,..... that will be changing as of now. We have decided to go back to online what we can and minister that way as well as in person as much as possible. Our lives have changed dramatically for the better this summer and fall and we are now learning how to accommodate all of that.

We are proud to announce that we are pregnant again 6 months in now, and after having lost our baby last October and God has now blessed us with twins! We are wanting to eliminate some back door ways of communication as it can take time for us to respond and update. Having access here, our Facebook page or email makes it easier, quicker and more efficient to keep up with all the beautiful ministry areas God allows us to be part of. Especially now with the twins around the corner I will not be able to sit and write letters as much or thing like that.

We had so many things go on this summer ministry wise and changes in our actual worship setting. We will go into further details at a later time. God has blessed our decisions and continues to guide us daily on His ways for our life. We are continuing to purse Him diligently and are thankful we have so many friends and acquaintances that we can share this walk with.

This was a very short up date but will dive in deeper soon!!

Blessings in Christ!

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