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Many members only one body!

1 Corinthians 12:12-31. We too are many members in this family 8 exactly and counting. With Sam and I plus six kids we ALL have very important jobs. Everything that has to be done in daily life takes someone doing it, and if its not done everyone else suffers to some extent vs 26. There has been times we go to the mountains and get our own wood to burn and everyone is busy, cutting, loading, or watching littles (here everyone honors everyone else). Each job is crucial to the next and to all those around and involved. Could you imagine me trying to cut down a tree while also watching the babies? YIKES! Yes it could be done, as I have before, but it surly was not as efficient nor safe! You get the point.

The body of Christ is exactly the same. There are apostles, prophets, teachers, etc. Some are hands, some feet and some toes. It may seem like the toes are not important because they are small but try walking with out them, or better yet stub that little toe hard enough and you find out how it hurts the whole body! They may be little but they are crucial.

I would love to say that we always work well together and nothing ever goes wrong BUT that's not the case. Sometimes each of us wants to be a different body part and haven't quite learned how to do that yet, or sometimes the arm is not wanting to be an arm so that job is left unattended or never picked up to begin with.

God has called each of us to a certain roll in the body and in the family vs 18. Usually we each think that our job is not as important and because of so we do not feed that talent nor want to joyfully do as God has called us. But we need to quit listening to the deceiver of our souls and know that we are a huge part of the body of Christ Jesus. YOU ARE SO IMPORTANT!!!! And Jesus wants to use you to further His kingdom. So........ How do you do that? What can you do to be a part of the BIG PLAN?

  1. PRAY. Ask God to show you His desires and talents for your life.

  2. SELF CHECK. What are you good at or what do you enjoy doing for others?

  3. ASK AROUND. Check with your church to see how you can get involved, Pray for or support a missionary, maybe the elderly lady down the road could use a visit!

  4. BE CONTENT. Not every time in our lives are we doing something huge and spectacular. Sometimes its simply doing the dishes and cooking dinner or going to work again, but ya know what? SOMEONE HAS TO DO IT! And we can be grateful that God would count us worthy to serve our family with a joy filled heart and gracious attitude toward God Col 3:23 and all those that can hear. Ephesians 4:29

  5. DO IT. If you see something that you can do to bless someone, DO IT! Don't wait for some else to be obedient to your calling cause they will also receive your blessing. James 4:17

So, today if you hear his voice do not harden your hearts to His calling for you. Hebrews 3:12-15 You never know what God may allow you to be a part of. Answer His call for your life, it may not be easy (neither is moving to Alabama) but it will always be worth it! Be blessed today!

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