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New season for the season.

So, obviously I never got around to doing our last missionary newsletter for WIM but I will try to update here as often as possible. It’s been a crazy year that has been full of one thing or another, but ultimately blessed through and through. I told you all I’d fill you in on the changes we have gone through.

The end of Septemper we took our oldest son Elijah to Alert Academy. On our way home had found out we were no longer a part of the church body we had been faithful to for 15.5 years. We hadn’t said anything to the pastor but assumptions were made and we are no longer there. But it’s been for the best for us! We had held back leaving for so long to follow Gods true calling because of the backlash and feeling that we were abandoning the church body. But even though we have continued to minister to any and all we encounter but now with such a freedom, a freedom only found in true peace with Christ!

We were super blessed to finish another marriage class, and woman’s class from Jamie before our temporary move to the city and on our own away from any organization, just under the authority of God.

The Lord has continued to provide opportunities to serve Him. We love all the new woman who have open hearts to learn and are hungry for His word! The men in our lives searching how to be leaders in Christ, and the desire in our hearts to lead them freely to Him! We thought our ministry would be on hold while we came to Springs as the twins tried to come too early, but nope God still is pouring into our lives people hungry for Him. So I, Jamie, am super blessed to start again the book study for woman to be who we are called to be as wives. I never saw this coming.😂 but should I really be so surprised at Gods plans? So while we are here we will look diligently for opportunities knowing that while we thought we were sitting ducks God still sees fit to use us but we also desire to be used by Him however He needs! We believe if we are not being used by God or willing to than what purpose do we have here? We know our purpose is to be here for His purpose and for Him to freely use either of us at any time! To God be all the glory and for the adventures ahead, we can’t wait to see what he has in store!

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